Statement of Outcomes and Benefits

The Diploma Course covers Module 1 - Law of Obligation & Civil Evidence,  Module 2 - Law of International Arbitration and Module 3 - Practice and Procedure. Upon successful completion of the course,  students can apply for CIArb Member Level

On completion of the course students are eligible to sit the Practice and Procedure examination offered by CIArb Australia and CIArb Singapore. Students who successfully pass the Practice and Procedure examination (55%) will be eligible to sit a Module 4 - Award Writing Course and to sit for an Award Writing Examination. Students who pass the Practice and Procedure examination and the Award Writing examination will be awarded a Diploma of International Commercial Arbitration by CIArb and are able to apply for Fellow Peer Interview to become a CIArb Fellow.

The University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia  will provide a certificate of completion and attendance for those who attend the full course.

Successful completion of the course assessment will enable students (including from other approved Australian and overseas tertiary institutions) to gain advanced standing in post-graduate programs offered by the Faculty of Law UNSW. You may wish to contact student services to discuss admission to a post-graduate program before undertaking the course. A maximum of 12 units of credit advanced standing is available.

Please send email inquiries in relation to UNSW entitlements to Dr Christopher Lemercier, Director, CLE at