CIArb is a Contributor to Global Arbitration Scholarship

Arbitration is a complex field, and one of the key contributions that CIArb members make is to write scholarly articles, case notes, commentaries and submissions on the law and practice of arbitration and other dispute resolution disciplines.

The main medium for the publication of these papers is Arbitration, the official journal of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. Arbitration is one of the most widely distributed and read arbitration and ADR journals, and it is published four times a year. All CIArb members receive Arbitration as part of their membership entitlements, and all members are encouraged to make submissions to Arbitration.

CIArb is pleased to announce that a dedicated 'Australia edition of Arbitration (Volume 77, No.1) has now been published. The papers included in the Australia edition include:

  1. Understanding Australia's New Domestic Arbitration Regime: A Comparison of the Australian State Commercial Arbitration Acts and the New Model Commercial Arbitration Bill - Stephen McComish, Sam Luttrell and Cameron A. Miles
  2. Party Instigated Bias Challenges - Daisy Mallett and Nathalie Allen
  3. Enforcement of Foreign Awards in Australia - Matt Skinner and Justin Simpkins
  4. More Than an Empty Gesture: the Reversal of Eisenwerk in Australia - Nick Rudge and Cameron Miles
  5. Incorporating an Arbitration Clause 'By Reference': Reconciling Article VII of the Model Law and Australian Common Law in Light of Recent Developments - Rebecca James and Michael Schoenberg
  6. Emerging Trends in Judicial Approach to International Arbitration in Australia: The Winds of Change - Peter Megens and Beth Cubitt


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Dispute Boards

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Domestic Arbitration

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Expert Determination

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International Arbitration

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Mediation and Conciliation

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