Accelerated Route Towards Membership Course 2019

24 August 2019

Registrations are now open for  the Accelerated Route to Membership  Course which will be run in Melbourne, on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 August 2019. The day-long course  is a pathway to Membership status of CIArb (MCIArb). CIArb accreditation carries a global qualification in the growing practice of international arbitration. What is the aim of the course? To provide a fast-track […]

Party Appointed Experts in International Arbitration: Asset or Liability?

15 August 2019

You are invited to attend the following seminar focussed on party appointed experts.  As with domestic litigation, the use of party appointed experts in international arbitration is widespread. Their use comes at a significant cost, and brings the challenge of the maintenance of their independence and their cost-effective deployment in the proceedings.

Improving Arbitration Procedure: Tips and Traps for an Efficient Process

31 July 2019

You are invited to attend a stimulating panel discussion on tips and trips for improving arbitration proceedings so that it is a more time and cost efficient process. In particular, the seminar will be examining some of the key differences between arbitration and litigation in terms of collection, production and presentation of evidence (both documentary and from witnesses/experts), as well as differences in the ways in which parties put forward case arguments in arbitration as opposed to litigation.

Multiple Dimensions of Complex Arbitrations

23 July 2019

You are  invited to attend the second event in 2019 of the International Arbitration Series, a joint initiative of the CIArb Australia and Federal Court of Australia.

Accelerated Route Towards Fellowship Course 2019

29 June 2019

Registrations are now open for the 2019 CIArb Accelerated Route Towards Fellowship (ARF) course which will be held from 29 – 30 June 2019 in Sydney. Providing a fast-track route towards Fellowship through the CIArb International  Arbitration Pathway,  the Accelerated Route Towards Fellowship has been designed for busy, legally qualified professionals who have substantial unassessed knowledge and experience of […]

2019 CIArb Australia Business Lunch

5 June 2019

The 2019 CIArb Australia Business Lunch featuring Guest Speaker, Leah Ratcliff, was held at one of Australia’s iconic fine dining restaurants, award-winning Vue de Monde, and attended by distinguished guests including  members of the judiciary, government, institutes and commercial enterprises.

Introduction to International Arbitration 2019

10 May 2019

  Due to the success in Brisbane 2015, Perth 2016, Melbourne 2017, and Brisbane 2018, CIArb Australia will be conducting the Introduction to International Arbitration course again in 2019. We are pleased to announce it will be run in Perth, Western Australia, on Friday 10 May 2019. In addition to sessions being conducted by prominent […]

Award Writing Course 2019

23 March 2019

Registrations are now open for the 2019 CIArb Award Writing.  This course is intended for candidates who have successfully completed either the CIArb Diploma in International Commercial Arbitration course or the Accelerated Route to Fellowship (ARF) course.  Before qualifying for CIArb Fellowship, successful candidates must register for CIArb membership. The course is designed to teach candidates about the fundamentals of […]


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