CIArb Australia has five State Chapters

The purpose of each chapter is to provide local representation of CIArb Members, and to allow for the particular dispute resolution services and education activities to be provided by local practitioners. The State Chapters are each headed by a Convenor who is also a Councillor of CIArb Australia.

New South WalesNew South Wales

The New South Wales Chapter is located in Sydney.
The Convenor of the NSW Chapter is Jo Delaney
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The Queensland Chapter of CIArb is located in Brisbane.
The Convenor of the Queensland Chapter is Dr Shane Monks.
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South AustraliaSouth Australia

The South Australian Chapter of CIArb is located in Adelaide.
The Convenor of the South Australian Chapter is Julia Dreosti.
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The Victorian Chapter of CIArb is located in Melbourne.
The Convenor of the Victorian Chapter is Dr Vicky Priskich.
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Western AustraliaWestern Australia

The Western Australian Chapter of CIArb is located in Perth.
The Convenor of the WA Chapter is Beth Cubitt.
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